At a glance widget apk

At a glance widget apk

Google has just started rolling out this new feature in its latest Google Beta app. Before, Pixel launcher was the only way to get this widget running on your device but now, through stock Google app you can utilize it on your OEM launcher as well. You can update your device to the latest Google app to make use of this feature. We will take you through the whole process with the guide detailed ahead.

At a Glance widget allows user to see their calendar appointments or it can also act as shortcut to the built-in weather app. The great thing with this widget is that it also shows how much time is left in a certain event. Its roll out has started but it may be available for very few users as it is currently in beta state.

You have two options here, wait for the Google App in the stable channel to get this update or download the latest Google app APK file from link ahead — you can revert back to stock easily afterwards. Google has always been quite open about its apps hence it is looking to extend proprietary Google Pixel functionality to all Android devices. A slight downside would be that the exclusiveness of Pixel would deteriorate a little bit. If you wish to use this feature now, you can download the APK file of latest Google App here hence skipping the wait associated with the final release.

Give the new app a test run by downloading the latest APK and have fun exploring all the new features. For this app to run well, it is necessary your device is running Android Nougat or higher. Installing Google App 8. Just follow the easy instructions to install the APK file:. Step 3 — Tap on the Install button. A football lover, Writer and a great photographer. Gaming all the way. Really love to travel the world.

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At A Glance Widget for KWGT 13.0.0 Apk latest

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Workplace Workpoint with 23 channel widgets external Update Workplace Workpoint with 23 channel widgets Tags Education. Download APK Vexternal 5. Workplace Workpoint with 23 channel widgets Workplace Workpoint with 23 channel widgets external 2. Update on: Requires Android: Android 4.Abner Li. Google app 9. Keep in mind that Google may or may not ever ship these features, and our interpretation of what they are may be imperfect.

With that in mind, read on. At A Glance is integrated into the Pixel Launcher, but also a standalone widget that shows the day, date, and weather. It can also display calendar events, upcoming flights, and traffic information. The settings toggle appears in this beta and is enabled by default, but we have yet to successfully get a reminder to pop-up.

This will presumably show the reminders system used by Assistant and the Google app. However, the translation feature that previously allowed users to overlay translated text right in the viewfinder was removed.

Pregnancy watcher widget APK

The current UI will recognize text on your screen, but push users out to the Google Translate app on Android. Assuming all three are related, Dining and Shopping could be a filter — or layer — in augmented reality. For example, users could apply the dining filter when pointing their camera at the world to only see restaurants and ignore other businesses and landmarks.

Speaking of food, there are two other strings in 9. There are not enough strings in Google app 9. These filters could be thought of as apps for augmented reality that extend functionality, exactly like Actions on Google for voice.

at a glance widget apk

Unlike Assistant, Lens has yet to see a way for third-party developers to participate. The Material Theme settings page now properly themes navigation and status bar elements black so that they are visible against the white background.

We do not post APKs to download directly given the legal challenges associated with copyright and possibility of removal. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links.

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Check out our exclusive storiesreviewshow-tosand subscribe to our YouTube channel. About the Author Abner Li technacity Editor. Interested in the minutiae of Google and Alphabet.A good Android widget can make your home screen attractive, effective, and extra-useful as a starting point for all your mobile productivity needs.

Google's "At a Glance" widget, introduced with the Pixel 2, is a good Android widget. It shows you the current date and weather in a simple, compact, and visually appealing form. It even expands to show contextual info, like countdowns to upcoming calendar events, when appropriate. And it serves as a single-tap shortcut to both your calendar and full forecast app, so you can get to either place quickly without having to devote extra screen space to standard shortcut icons.

at a glance widget apk

The problem is that the "At a Glance" widget is built directly into the Pixel 2's default launcher — which means a you can't move it around or use it with any third-party launchers, and b you can't easily install it on any other devices.

But wait! It looks like Google is working to change those limitations: The latest beta version of the standalone Google app includes a version of the widget anyone can install, anywhere.

Before you get too excited, though, take note: There's actually a better version of that same widget available right now. It's called, rather amusingly, Another Widget.

It's basically a third-party emulation of Google's "At a Glance" widget, only packed with oodles of extra options — in terms of both form and function. At its core, the widget looks more or less like the one present on the Pixel 2 and in Google's beta app — but under the surface, it has a whole lot more going on.

In Another Widget's setup screen, for instance, you can customize details like the size and color of the text and even add in extra elements like a clock. You can configure what apps are opened when you tap the date or temperature, and you can opt to use OpenWeather as the provider instead of Google's own weather service. The actual "At a Glance" widget offers none of these options. The version of the "At a Glance" widget in Google's beta app doesn't actually do anything when you tap on the date, in fact, which is rather odd and an unfortunate limitation.

I've been using Another Widget on my own Pixel 2 for a while now. Since I use Action Launcher on my phone, the regular "At a Glance" widget has long been unavailable to me in that context. And though Action Launcher has its own emulated version of the widget, it relies only on Google's weather service for forecast info — and consequently never seems to remain up to date and accurate throughout the day an apparent issue with the Google weather service, according to Action Launcher's developer.

With Another Widget, I get all the good parts of the "At a Glance" widget without any of the downsides — and with some significant functional perks.You are downloading the Glass Widgets 2. The widgets are designed to provide you with the most important information at a glance, yet still allow y. If Glass Widgets apk download infringes your copyright, please contact usWe'll delete it in a short time.

Click on the above link to proceed to the apk file download page or app buy page. Home Widgets Personalization Glass Widgets. Glass Widgets 2. I removed the 'OK' button in the preferences. Now you wont lose all you changes if you press 'back' one time too many by mistake. Instead, any changes made to the preferences automatically take effect when you leave the preference screen. Also, I made some further tinkering with the weather provider.

I never had this much problems with the old Google weather service. Glass Widgets All Versions. Oct 28, Smoked Glass Clock Widget 4. Smoked Glass Weather Clock 4. Sense Analog Small Glass 4x1 4.

Sense Analog Glass Clock 4x2 4. Glass theme for Smart Launcher 5. SL Theme Glass 3. Beautiful Clock Widgets Free 1. Tensai Clock Widgets 1. Glass MXHome Theme 1. Hot Personalization Widgets. QuickShortcutMaker 3. Apex Launcher 4. Keyboard Hack 3. Chamelephon 1. Side Bar - Multi Window 1. Stylish Fonts 1. Top Downloads in Personalization. Hola Launcher- Theme,Wallpaper 3. Latests Widgets. My Photo Keyboard Wallpapers HD Backgrounds 7Fon 4.

Share APKMeteogram widget is a weather app showing the weather in a very detailed way at a glance on your home screen. Meteogram Weather Widget — Donate version v2. Before you download Meteogram Weather Widget — Donate version v2.

How to setup the Google At a Glance homescreen widget

Overview: Meteogram widget is a weather app showing the weather in a very detailed way at a glance on your home screen. The app: the weather at a glance on your home screen While a lot of weather apps are showing the weather forecast in a rather basic way, this app does that by visualizing the forecast in a so-called meteogram. Doing so gives the user a much better idea of when exactly rain will fall, the sun will be shining, when it will become cloudy… The main focus of the app consists in showing the meteogram on a small home screen widget e.

Even while the widget does not occupy that much space on the home screen, it still manages showing the forecast in a very clear way. Simply add a widget on your home screen, specify your location or let the widget automatically determine your location and the weather forecast appears on your home screen. The meteogram shows the temperature and expected precipitation for the whole forecast period. Besides those typical weather elements, the wind speed, wind direction and air pressure can also be visualized.

The user has all freedom to determine how the meteogram should look like: a great set of configuration settings allows the user to customize the widget completely to his own needs. For a lot of European countries hourly forecast data is available, while for other countries 3 hourly data is available.

NOTE: the weather provider Forecast. IO can be bought as in-app subscription. It offers worldwide hourly forecast data for the short term. This app has no advertisements.

Before you start full Meteogram Weather Widget — Donate version v2. So Excited to download? This is a single direct link of Meteogram Weather Widget — Donate version v2. This app has no advertisements Meteogram Weather Widget — Donate version v2.

Download Meteogram Weather Widget — Donate version v2. Related Posts Meteogram widget — Donate v2.Do you also constantly forget in which week of pregnancy you are? Then you are like me and my wife.

at a glance widget apk

This app shows to you after entering some basic data your current week of pregnancy, how many days you're already pregnant, the current approximate size and weight of your baby and a few other important bits of information such as the date of the first prenatal visit, when your maternity leave will start based on the German regulationor the date on which it you can possibly feel the first child quickenings etc. In addition, the app can be installed as a widget. So you can see on your screen at first glance the week in which you are in, how many days you're already pregnant, and how many days it will probably take give birth to your baby.

To activate the widget, touch your screen for a few seconds and then select the entry "widgets" and then the app "Pregnancy watcher". Units of weight and length can be changed now. Contents, colors and transparency of the widget are adjustable. If there is anything you are not satiesfied with yet, give me a chance to correct it ;- In this case send me an email with the detected bug or the desired function!

Thanks for the suggestion, Christian! About Contact. Updated on Latest Version 2. Android Version 2. Content Rating Everyone. Read More. Feb 2, Download APK.

What's New V 2. Related Apps.

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