Bha design excel

Bha design excel

Current Filters. Peer Reviewed. SPE Disciplines. Geologic Time. Concept Tag. Oilfield Places. File Type. A new 3D drillstring model determines the static and dynamic behavior of bottomhole assemblies BHAs in realistic wellbores. Add feedback.

More like this By text By views By concept tags. In addition to drill bits and bottomhole assemblies that have been known to initiate vibrations, researchers have identified several other conditions and factors with similar contributions to vibration initiation. Vibration challenges, if effectively addressed, will have strong positive effects on drilling performance.

The debate on whether the industry is doing enough to address vibrations continues to linger. This discussion must be put to rest because the fact is that researchers are passionately obsessed with this challenge. Bailey, Jeffrey R. ExxonMobil Upstream Integrated Solutions.

OnePetro November, Lateral vibration modeling of certain BHA bottomhole assembly designs has shown great sensitivity to the proximity of stabilizer blades. This paper will explore the nature of the vibrational dysfunction that we call BHA chatter. A frequency-domain model that has been field-proven shows how this dysfunction occurs, its rotary speed dependence, and mitigation methods and results.

A frequency-domain BHA lateral vibration model will be used to illustrate the role of the nodal point constraint in the determination of the dynamic side forces acting at stabilizer and LWD tool blade borehole contacts.

These contact forces may be strong functions of rotary speed and BHA contact spacing, especially if the spacing is close. The relationship between the dynamic contact forces and vibration index model results will be described in relation to the solution to the lateral vibration model. Examination of the dynamic contact side forces associated with these vibration indices reveals the nature of the dysfunction that the indices represent.

The contact forces that push a stabilizer blade to be constrained within a borehole include both static and dynamic components. The static forces are well understood.If a wellbore is intentionally deviated, the result is a directional well. First a horizontal well bore is drilled into the shale formation.

Second, the well is fracked. The combination of horizontal drilling and fracking has made possible the extraction of shale gas at a cost reasonable to producers. It is estimated that the US has enough shale gas to last for years. Deviated wells begin with a straight wellbore drilled to a predetermined depth called the "kick off point".

bha design excel

It is at this point that the directional company arrives at the drilling rig location. The concept behind horizontal drilling is simple: point the rock drill bit in the direction you want it to go. The most common way to accomplish this is to place a bend near the bit in the downhole steerable motor.

As mud pumps through the motor, the drill bit rotates but the drill string does not.

BHA to DOT on BQE: “Back to the Drawing Board”

If the intention is to drill a straight hole but the geological formations are unpredictable or dip extremely, drilling tools can be added to the BHA to control deviation. Directional drillers can make or break a bit run. Fatigue, experience and personal bias for or against the particular drill bit being run all play an important role in drill bit performance.

If RSS rotary steerable system is used, a rotary steerable drill bit specifically designed for the particular system should be used as well. BHA is extremely important as it definitely has an impact on drill bit performance. For instance, mud motor failure can cause impact damage to a PDC bit.

Heavyweight drill pipe is also important as it provides a flexible transition from the drill collars and drill pipe. It also is used to provide additional weight on bit WOB.

BHA is the section of downhole tools that connects the drill pipe to the rock bit. A slick BHA has no stabilizers. Stabilizers are considered an important drilling tool to avoid deviation in the well hole. When drilling a straight hole rather than a deviated one, fewer BHA components are needed. Standard drilling tools are: rock bit, bit sub, jars, various crossovers, stabilizers and heavy weight drillpipe.A work flow that combines optimization of the drillstring and bottomhole-assembly BHA design during well planning and then applies advanced surveillance tools to a well-trained drilling crew yields reduced vibrations and higher drilling rates.

This methodology is based on the premise that an efficient drilling operation requires optimized tool designs, advanced diagnostics using real-time drilling parameters, and on-site training of efficient drilling practices and the proper use of rig-control systems.

Vibration-mitigation efforts are a subset of the entirety of this broader program. BHA redesign involves planning to change the downhole tools. Once a BHA has been selected and its rotary-speed sweet spot is known, there is a real-time component as the driller determines how good the sweet-spot prediction might be or if an alternative operating condition is preferred.

The best way to know how drilling affects drill bits is to visualize the bits. A device that creates high-resolution images for precise measurements is one of three technologies being featured in a JPT series on drilling measurement innovations.

Drilling Calculator

A group of people who really care how drillers code the memos added to the daily drilling report is the data scientists—who find that the coded tags do not match the activity. A program that helps drillers code is one of three technologies featured in a JPT series on drilling measurement innovation.

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bha design excel

Last name:. Sign In. Toggle navigation. Topics: Drilling automation Drilling operations. Bailey, SPE, and P. Al Junaibi and M. Niznik, and K. Akyabi, Zakum Development Company; and C.Sysdrill drilling engineering modules include a robust, scalable database from wellsite to corporate data store, with optional user access control, permission management, and a history log to ensure database integrity.

Changes made to the engineering design are immediately available to all calculations in the application, with no need to exchange or save data. Data displayed in the Sysdrill 3D view, including geological interpretations, can be e-mailed and viewed interactively by third parties in a Web browser.

This ensures unprecedented levels of product integration and productivity gains through highly efficient workflows. Sysdrill Hydraulics optimization and analysis software is used to model downhole circulating pressures during drilling, tripping and running casing. Several modes of optimization are offered to enhance bit hydraulic performance and ensure effective hole cleaning.

For deep water operations, a riser booster and dual gradient systems are supported. Sysdrill Casing Design software allows the drilling engineer to safely design the minimum number of casing strings required to safely complete a well, thereby reducing well capital costs. Fully customizable design load cases can be specified according to company policy and stored in catalogs.

The well kick tolerance calculator is used to ensure that casing shoes are set at depths to avoid formation fracture while displacing kicks.

A kick of a given size can be compared to the chosen casing shoe or the maximum allowable influx for a hole section calculated. A Kill Sheet can be quickly produced, including dynamic MAASP, volumes, strokes, and a pressure step down chart required to control the well. For more specific information on how we use cookies and to change your cookie preferences, see our Cookie Notice. Understand and don't want to see this message again? Click the X to close this notice. Search for:.Great article. Highly descriptive blog, I loved that bit.

Sysdrill Drilling Engineering

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bha design excel

Sunday, July 10, Drilling Software Free Download. I hope it would be benificial to many. Please do leave your comments if any.

Schlumberger's i-Handbook. This eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone practice of first assimilating data and obtaining results using a separate calculator.

The i-Handbook was designed with three objectives. An interactive wellbore diagram lets you build a graphical view of the wellbore with drag-and-drop data from the tubular tables. You can define various flow paths in the well. The volumes of defined sections are calculated automatically and displayed on the diagram.

bha design excel

Tubing and casing data tables can be expanded so you can see additional physical properties. You can send data entered in any calculator or a particular wellbore to your team. Correct information is exchanged fast. A thorough understanding of the treatment and the effects of recommended wellbore actions is communicated through visual, sometimes animated, schematics.

You can prepare diagrams illustrating the various combinations of pipe strings. This lets you create realistic, multiple design options in one session. Schlumberger's ToolPlanner. For each service, the user enters parameters describing expected logging conditions, formation parameters, and desired results. The calculations performed and the displayed results are specific to the selected services.

For example, the CMR planner outputs a suggested logging speed and a recommended set of parameters to set in the acquisition system, as well as plots that demonstrate the expected spread of results caused by uncertainties in the input formation properties.

Available only for PCs, once ToolPlanner software has been downloaded and installed, it can be subsequently run without an Internet connection.The BHA calls upon DOT to work with the community to identify and evaluate other options that do not prioritize motorists at the complete expense of residents. The BHA is committed to leading a campaign to protect the Heights community, as we did in organizing a borough-wide campaign to secure Design-Build authorization.

We need to see more options, and we ask that DOT listen to and be responsive to the concerns of our community. Great news to wake up to this morning! Their leadership and support will make a big difference. People in Red Hook were not so lucky. People in the Bronx were not so lucky. Putting the highway over the Park would not be an awful precedent. As to the truck issue, one lane of the BQE can be kept open during construction, for those vehicles.

Brooklyn should—as BH residents in the s recognized—be for people, not cars. If you look at an aerial view of the Park, fortunately, those accomodations would have dramatically less impact on our community and come at a MUCH lower cost.

Yes, his initial quote in the press was unfortunate. And yes, the BHA took a little while to come out with their statement. Understandably, it took them a week to comprehend the issue, listen to their neighbors, and come to a consensus. Peter Bray is simply the messenger for the BHA. He does NOT set their policy.

He does NOT form their opinions. He speaks for his boss. His boss is the board. Seek out the board and tell them — politely — how you feel. I know.Click the button to download. Make sure your HASP key is plugged in. HASP key required. Click here to order. The most important thing in directional drilling is knowing where you are downhole. Location indicators that are shown in three dimensions are going to impart more information than anything 2D.

But that's just the start. The difference between Field and Well Planning versions:. Only the smaller paper sizes are available in the Field version since it is assumed that users of the Field Version will not need a plot printout larger than A3.

In other words, in the Field Version, only the last appended projection can be edited, so that in order to edit a part further up the curve, the user must delete all appended parts of the curve made subsequent to that higher up part before editing it.

Note: The Well Planning version contains the torque and drag module. This fluid space contains not only offset wells, plans and projections, but also customizable targets, planes, lithologies and casing indicators.

Everything in the 3D space is customizable. The controls allow the user to make the appearance of the 3D space their own, both for personal preference, company-wide standardization or client-based parameters. Below is an illustration of how a drilled curve can be compared against the plan and other offsets.

Thickness of the curves can be exaggerated for visual purposes:. Below is an example of an ellipsoid of uncertainty on the reference curve and on the closest compare curve. The black and yellow lines are lines of closest approach.

How To Create An Excel Data Entry Form WITHOUT A UserForm

The red curves are the pedal curves, the actual outer mathematical boundary upon which industry standard separation factor is calculated:. The project information that is displayed on the surface map appears to sit aboveground.

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