Division 2 status effects tu8

Division 2 status effects tu8

The power to shape this community is in your hands. Keep it fun, keep it respectful and remember that in the end -- it's just a game. I'm not gonna go over how Hazard Protection and each Status Effect work in general as I covered this in the original post, so I'm gonna focus mainly on the changes in Title Update 8. Status Effects and the way how they work changed slightly with TU8, I'd say for better. TU8 added 2 seconds of temporary immunity to status effects which is not affected by Hazard Protection or Status Effects Resistance meaning that regardless of how much Hazard Protection you have, you can't be affected by the same status effect for 2 seconds after it ends.

In practice this is huge improvement especially when it comes to EMP jammers because you have 2 seconds window to use a skill before you get disrupted again even when having no Hazard Protection at all. Hazard Protection and Status Effect Resistance still affect the duration of status effects and not the damage part of them in case of status effects that also cause damage burn, bleed, poison.

Just to make it clear - burn damage which comes from burn status effect which Hazard Protection and Burn Resistance affects is not the same as direct fire damage from enemy molotovs, flamethrowers, etc.

You will still take damage from those. With burn immunity you just wouldn't catch on fire.


And same as before, you can chill without taking any damage in environmental fire at the end of Potomac mission or in this room during Bunker mission I love that spot :. This is the biggest change in TU8 to Hazard Protection. It's no longer so easy to reach high Hazard Protection like before, even before the named Yaahl mask that alone could provide full hazard immunity on just one item. And now stacking Hazard Protection requires serious sacrifices which in my opinion is no longer worth it due to added 2s temporary immunity which makes reaching immunity not as great as it was before.

It's possible to increase specific Status Effects Resistances with defensive mods and specialization bonuses but TU8 also changed a lot regarding those. I had lots of mods with poison, disorient and ensnare before, but after TU8 all of them were changed to something else and I still haven't found a single mod with poison, disorient or ensnare resistance so I'm pretty convinced they no longer exist.

As someone who was running with high Hazard Protection and full immunity for months for a long time before the Hollow Man mask I'm quite disappointed with the changes and personally I don't think it's worth trying to reach immunity maybe with the exception of tank builds due to gear restrictions and huge sacrifice of the stats. With the added 2 seconds of temporary immunity for status effects, reaching immunity threshold is no longer as attractive as before. And while some extra burn or bleed resistance can help a bit to survive longer, at higher difficulty the damage is still deadly.

Since the time I wrote this shortly after TU8 dropped the immunity threshold for burn resistance was stealth changed somewhere before TU8. I wasn't able to test it exactly. It's possible that some other thresholds changed too. Why has all these mechanic while 1sec in the fire or poision and you are dead.

Also hazard protection only usefull when you reach immunity but to get that you loss too much on other stat. Because tanks exist and I can stand in the fire for quite awhile. And hazard protection made those emp effect go away faster so I can have my shield back. Why a metal plate will be affected by emp is blizzard but for balance, I can half get their point.

It feels like it sometimes Either that or they just don't get what makes for enjoyable game play. Built a Haz Pro Loadout. Still get damaged, and can die from fire. Just doesn't show the burning animation. Feels bad Man. A shield?Status effects are easy to ignore in The Division 2 — until you come across them, that is, and realise just how powerful and debilitating they can be. Our The Division 2 status effects guide will walk you through every status effect we know about, and how they can be used against both NPC enemies and other players.

Click on any of the links below to skip to a particular section. The Burn status effect is fairly easy to understand, and its function very obvious. If you are set on fire, either through a flamethrower-wielding enemy or an exploding flammable canister or some other meansyou will take a certain amount of effective health damage first to Armour, and then once Armour is depleted it will move onto Health every half-second or so until the effect wears off. Setting NPC enemies alight will cause them to do the funky chicken as they attempt to put out the fire before they die.

As is often the case with these status effect, Burn is far more effective on NPCs than on yourself, and you can take advantage of this either by destroying flammable canisters near enemies or by unlocking the Incendiary Grenades for the Survivalist Specialization. Bleed is very similar in nature to Burn, dealing damage over time to you until the effect wears off a few seconds later. Bleeding also renders you unable to regenerate your Health for the duration.

There is additionally a slight visual distortion as you are bleeding, making it slightly more difficult to spot and deal with enemies. Poison inflicts a very powerful damage over time when it is applied.

division 2 status effects tu8

Often, this can be enough to one-shot you, which makes it very important that you try to deal with threats that can cause poison as quickly as possible. Certain enemies have access to Poison Ammo, while grenades can disperse a transparent cloud of poison that applies the effect if you are caught in the AoE. Certain Talents can help you to deal with Poison damage: one example is Stop, Drop, and Roll, which enables you to roll to remove poison, burn, and bleed effects once every 60 seconds.

As a player, your screen will turn momentarily white and your hearing will be muffled for the next second or two.

With enemies, the status effect is far more severe, holding them still as they sway on the spot like a drunken Jack Sparrow trying to rid the spots from their eyes. The Disoriented status effect is something you encounter very early on in The Division 2, and its effect is straightforward and rather debilitating. Against players, the Disorient status effect lowers your accuracy and scrambles your controls, making you move erratically until the effect wears off.

Against enemies, Disorientation will stun them as they waver around much like Blindness and various other of these status effects.

Disruption is an effect which you may remember from a certain Side Mission against the True Sons in the earlier parts of The Division 2. In that case, You were made aware that this effect was rendering you unable to use any of your Skills until you dealt with the source of the disruption.

Disrupt is therefore very similar in The Division 2 to how it worked in The Division 1, silencing current Skills and preventing the use of future Skills until its effect wears off.Warlords of New York has brought with it seismic changes to the gear in The Division 2, including an overhaul for each of the existing Brand Sets. Four new Brand Sets were also added with the update, with Massive wanting each set to contribute towards a desired build and playstyle.

That means agents will need to not only reacquire Brand Sets they may have previously slept on, but also understand what each brand brings to the table.

Each Brand Set has a set of three stat bonuses associated with it, and they all cater to a specific playstyle. Listed below is each brand in alphabetical order, and the associated bonuses. The first bullet will be the one-piece bonus, followed by the two-piece and three-piece bonuses respectively. I recommend giving it a look if lists make your eyes bleed. Of special note: use Targeted Loot when farming for Brand Sets: missions and zones can have a specific brand on offer each day, and grinding in these areas will help you acquire the brands you want with minimal fuss.

More guides, like a breakdown of Gear 2. Game Guides. Find the right gear for the job. March 9th, by Brandon Adams. We're Looking For Contributors. You May Like.Along with several other tables that we have created links below you can add this table to your collection to help you navigate your way through creating a new build that uses the revamped weapon talents and stats to compliment your active gear talents and brand set bonuses.

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The Division 2 Update 1.20 Brings TU8.4 Changes, Patch Notes Listed

Signup for a Free Account. But publisher Ubisoft has observed that things appear to be a little bit too one-sided in favor of the game's NPCs. They're hoping to address that with Wednesday's Title Update 9.

Here are the full patch notes for The Division 2's Title Update 9. These fixes should go a long way towards making NPC foes smart, but not too smart. It should also level the playing field for players, giving them a few more tools to help survive against aggressive enemies.

This should help get players to the eventual Title Update 10, which Ubisoft is staying mostly tight-lipped about. Look for more information here at Shacknews as it arrives. In the meantime, stay up to date on our latest coverage for The Division 2. Ozzie has been playing video games since picking up his first NES controller at age 5. He has been into games ever since, only briefly stepping away during his college years. But he was pulled back in after spending years in QA circles for both THQ and Activision, mostly spending time helping to push forward the Guitar Hero series at its peak.

Because what are video games if you can't enjoy a good story with a fresh Cherry Coke? Already have an account? Login Now. The Division 2 Title Update 9.

The Division 2 Update 1.21 Now Out, Here’s the Changes in TU8.5

Ozzie Mejia. Ozzie Mejia Senior Editor. New F-Zero Japan Twitter account breathes hope into desperate fan base. Surgeon Simulator 2's Creation Mode lets you craft medical catastrophes with friends.Many of the weapon talents are usable for all weapon types, while there are some that are for specific categories, like assault rifles or pistols.

No matter what though, one can be sure that they will find something that will fit their weapons and styles. A Tier weapon talents may not have the ferocity as S Tier talents; only a few increase weapon damage. These talents, you will notice, are very particular and are perfect for the player that likes to pay attention to detail. Some weapon talents will require the player to have certain stats in armor, utility, or health before being used but there are many in A Tier that have no requirements and can be used for all weapon types.

Some of the B Tier talents are seen to be exclusive to other weapons, and that can cause an interesting talent to be skipped over because it can only be used for shotguns, etc.

division 2 status effects tu8

These talents may not be as strong as S Tier or A Tier talent, but they are still used by players and have been quite enjoyable.

Some of these talents can be useful, but they are in C Tier because many of them are used as much by players as opposed to the talents in S Tier and A Tier. They suffer the same specificity problems that B Tier does, although they do carry some weight in originality. Many of the D Tier talents can be used to increase certain aspects of a weapon, like its optimal range or reload speed. While those are great increases in vital spots for your weapon, a player can easily increase their optimal range or decrease their reload speed with mods attached to their weapon.

Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 20 Feb pm.

The Division 2 Update 1.21 Now Out, Here’s the Changes in TU8.5

BY: Kasey B. S Tier These are the weapon talents that are in the S Tier category. Not only are they ranked in S Tier, but they have their own individual rating as well. Although it's extremely dangerous to get that close to an enemy in the current highest World Tier, the sheer amount of increased damage that the talent provides is good enough to put it on this list. Improves Shotgun performance.

Buff lasts for 10 seconds. Improves LMG performance. Useful for all weapons. Can occur once every 60s. Buff is lost when exiting cover. Can occur once every 25s. No requirements needed. A Tier A Tier weapon talents may not have the ferocity as S Tier talents; only a few increase weapon damage. But what they lack in that, they make up for in uniqueness.

Max stack is Improves marksman rifle performance. Weapon damage increased. Headshot kills improve the repair.There are so many Division 2 Exotics in the game now, so don't be ashamed if you have to frequently refer back to this guide to know how to get them all! Warlords of New York, the latest expansion for The Division 2introduced eight new exotics on top of the existing ones, so we've got all the details on every single one of the Division 2 Exotics in the game right now.

Good luck on getting them all, Agent!

Division 2 Warlords of New York Brand Sets Stats

Exotics are the highest-tier of rarity in The Division 2, just as they are in the base game. These ones are marked with WONYso you know which exotics will only be available if you purchase the expansion. This exotic backpack comes with two perks. Named after an infamous boss that could be exploited in the first game, Bullet King lives up to its moniker. Those are slim odds, but we have faith, Agents!

Get in close to increase your damage-dealing potential. This one is nice and easy to get hold of, too. It looks to drop fairly easily, too, with players reporting it dropping from Story missions, particularly the battle with Vivian Conley on the beached Tanker. Arguably one of the best-looking exotics to be added, Lady Death is more than just a pretty face. With kills also boosting movement speed, thus then increasing the speed at which you can earn Stacks, Lady Death is sure to be incredibly popular.

If your weapon of choice takes some time to reload, then this exotic pair of kneepads is for you. Moving between cover or hopping over it will reload your weapon immediately. While Ninjabike Messenger Kneepads can be found most commonly in the Dark Zone, they can also be found while playing PVE content but it seems the drop rate is lower. You can even remove the second cooldown by getting a kill with your specialisation weapon.

Lullaby is one of two Exotics in The Division 2 that It's a great gun to use right at the start of the game but because it's a level one shotgun, it quickly becomes obsolete.

Thankfully, when you reach the end game and upgrade your crafting bench, you can deconstruct other weapons of the same type and use the components towards buffing the Lullaby.

Ruthless was another exclusive pre-order bonus so you can also now pick it up in the same deluxe pack for credits. Again, you can upgrade the Ruthless when you reach end-game so it can become useful at taking down the Black Tusk, but until then you'll probably want to keep it in your stash after you complete the first part of the game.

Woohoo, this gun is actually available in-game!

division 2 status effects tu8

The Chatterbox is an exotic SMG that requires multiple steps before you can acquire it.

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