Ff7 reunion models

Ff7 reunion models

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. So recently I decided I wanted to replay FF7, and since there was a lot of buzz around a these mods I wanted to try them out. I managed to figure out how to get both to work so here is a install guide that hopefully will help you out.

I originally tried to post this on the Remako site but it did seem to except the post. Last edited by ark. Showing 1 - 15 of 60 comments.

ff7 reunion models

Xenogears View Profile View Posts. Though I still would not want to do this regularly hopefully I won't have to. Kaldarasha View Profile View Posts. So far 7th Heaven is currently the easiest way to mod the game. And the downpatch is needed for remako or the other background upscales, no matter if want to use 7H or not.

That kind of sucks unfortunately. I really hope a solution that works with the steam version out of the box is made as it will not only help those of us who aren't on Windows but also the less tech oriented users to install the mods. EDIT: Just realised that if you convert the game it still doesn't matter because you can't run the game through wine, through 7TH Heaven.

Meaning the game will never launch with your mods. Last edited by KorinFlakes ; 26 Apr, am. I can never launch the game through 7th Heaven. If I set "run in x screen resolution" game will launch from 7th in a tiny box with no way to fullscreen.

Thats it waste of two hours really wanted to re play this game with these mods. Like I said in my original post I didn't make any of these so I can't really debug this for you.

The only thing I can recommend is to double check you followed the Install instructions provided by both Reunion, and Remako. Tyrant View Profile View Posts. I was able to install 7th Heaven and Remako, but now I want to add scanlines on top via Reshade, and, while Reshade is indeed launching, every time I click on an option like CRT, scanlines, film noise, etc. OpenGl configuration. Any other workarounds in order to keep Remako but also use Scanlines? I guess we have a in-game post shader for it but I need to look for it.

Estelyen View Profile View Posts. It has some other nice mods in its catalog :P Or will unpacking ALL of them into the reunion folder work?

Edit: Or let me rephrase that: Do you know a way to have JUST the Beacause retranslation from reunion and the rest of the mods from 7th heaven? The Beacause version that is in the 7th heaven catalog is outdated, that's the only problem I really have with 7th heaven :.

Last edited by Estelyen ; 29 Jun, pm. Is this fix just for the background of the remako mod or does it work in battle, world, and avatar too?Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Search Login Register. Read times. Tetra Posts: 22 No cloud, no squall hinder us!

I just registered to ask you.

ff7 reunion models

Is it possible? Could it be, because NT uses an own FF7. If so, why there is no collap? I want to enjoy fancy menus with a great exotic challenge rounded with some neat correct translations. Jotaro Posts: Star Platinum.

Basically, since they alter the same files, the only way Reunion would ever be fully compatible with NT is somebody manually altering NT to have Reunion's text and changes which would have to be okayed by both DLPB and Sega Chief. Go to nt thread, chief just talked about it there. Sent from my Xperia ZR using Tapatalk. Kaldarasha Posts: Prince of Model Editing.

Reunion Theory

Quote from: Jotaro on Quote from: lionheart82 on Quote from: Kaldarasha on This is the chat. Its just pages back from the last one. Quote from: Tetra on And maybe it's nice to go again with the game in hardcore mod, for better appreciating the NT all many changes when it will be compatible with Reunion. SMF 2.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. This guide allows you to combine the gorgeous AI upscaled backrounds from the Remako mod together with the improved translation, models, bug fixes and other improvements from The Reunion.

This is in my humble opinion, the best way to play the game. Known issues. Last edited by LochSpoon ; 1 Oct pm.

ff7 reunion models

Showing 1 - 15 of comments. Lukar View Profile View Posts. Thanks a lot for this, I was getting a headache trying to get 7th Heaven to work. Sucks that the FMV audio isn't working, but I can live with the original videos. Instead of the Xbox Controller, can you add a guide for a Dualshock 4? Originally posted by ObbyDent :. Just added another step for installing The Reunion. While dreaming in Aeris' house the background music stops playing.

Installing hotfix 6 fixed this bug for me. Last edited by LochSpoon ; 4 Jan pm. Originally posted by LukarWuff :. Originally posted by LochSpoon :.

Hey I followed the guide and now the setting in Reunion to make running default isn't working. Any idea why? Drilhos View Profile View Posts. Thanks for the guide.

Originally posted by Drilhos :.

Modding FF6: Create the Ultimate Final Fantasy VI Experience

Last edited by ObbyDent ; 5 Jan am. So I got to the point where you have to run up the Sector 7 Pillar and talk to Barret at the top, and when I try talking to him, Cloud and Tifa move to their positions for the cutscene. The only problem is that Tifa keeps running into the middle of the pillar, like it's in the way of where she needs to stand.

I've tried disabling Reunion and Remako, as well as playing a fresh unmodded install and changing resolutions, but nothing is fixing the issue.Several cloaked Sephiroth clones at the Whirlwind Maze. You see, even if Jenova's body is dismembered, it will eventually become one again. That is what is meant by Jenova's Reunion.

It is a scientific theory proposed by Professor Hojo positing that Jenova cells, once separated, will seek to reunite and return to the main body, influencing the minds of creatures they have been implanted in to do so.

Hojo put his Reunion Theory to the test in the aftermath of the Nibelheim Incident. The survivors of Nibelheimincluding Cloud Strife and Zack Fair and excluding Tifa Lockhartwho had been rescued before Shinra arrivedwere rounded up and injected with Sephiroth cells, Sephiroth having merged with Jenova cells while still in the womb.

As the Nibelheim survivors did not have the mental or physical strength to keep their sense of self, they became mindless puppets devoted to Jenova and Sephiroth called Sephiroth Clones.

Hojo labelled the two as failures and held them in Shinra Manor for years, while the successful Sephiroth Clones were tattooed with numbers to keep track of them. Five years after the destruction of Nibelheim, Sephiroth's body at the North Crater sends out a call for the Jenova Reunion. The main body of Jenova kept at Shinra Headquarters awakens, escapes, and takes on Sephiroth's form. Unbeknown to them, the reason Cloud is driven to chase Sephiroth is due to the call for the Reunion influencing his thoughts.

At this time the other Sephiroth Clones begin to move, some seeking the Black Materia Sephiroth needs for his plans. The party defeats Jenova and reclaims the Black Materia. Hojo reveals his Reunion Theory, explaining he expected the Sephiroth Clones to meet at Midgar where Jenova's body was being held, but Sephiroth's will overrode the Reunion instinct and brought the Clones to where he was instead. Cloud, the last Clone, arrives at Sephiroth's body to deliver the Black Materia.

Kadaj tells Rufus Shinra the plague Geostigma that has infected the Planet is Jenova's legacy, and Vincent Valentine later tells Cloud it is caused by Sephiroth's cells corrupting the Lifestream and infecting the bodies of those who come into contact with the tainted Lifestream.

In a sense, this makes them similar to the Sephiroth Clones. The Remnants' goal is to find Jenova's cells to bring about Sephiroth's rebirth. As they are formed from spiritual energy, they are not complete copies of Sephiroth, and having no Jenova cells, he cannot exert control over them directly.

The Remnants are guided by their instinct to find Jenova, believing her to be their mother, but without Jenova cells they have no Reunion instinct and cannot sense her.

Loz and Yazoo gather children infected with Geostigma from EdgeDenzel among them, and take them to the Forgotten City where Kadaj activates the Reunion instinct within them. The children lead the Remnants back to Edge, gathering around the Meteor Monument in the center of town, and the Remnants destroy it with Bahamut SINbelieving Jenova to be held inside the monument.While we twiddle our thumbs and wait for the inevitable announcement of a PC version of the Final Fantasy 7 Remakeplaying through the original game isn't a bad plan for new and returning players alike.

And what better way than as Shiva intended, with an upscaling mod that makes FF7 look great or, at least, as good as possible on modern high resolution monitors? Remako also improves the quality of battlefield textures, overworld textures, and juices cutscene resolution. More features are on the waytoo, in a big update to the mod originally intended to release before the PS4 launch of FF7 Remake. The modder is adding an easier install process, an HD user interface for every interaction, big bug fixes, and compatibility with The Reunion modwhich is a major plus.

They're also fixing up some of the existing HD textures with new upscales. The latest version of Reunion includes a completely new translation based on the original Japanese script, higher quality audio, a difficulty rebalance, improved character models, 60 fps battles, and more. Once this last Remako update hits, pairing it with Reunion might be the definitive way to play the original FF7. Modder CaptRobau cites work and some health issues in the family as a reason for the delay, but now wants to turn Remako into "one for the ages" and make it feel like "a proper Square Enix remaster.

Lucky for PC players, there's plenty of time yet. The latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer literally states it was captured on PC, so we'll likely just need to wait out that year of PlayStation exclusivity. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

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The Final Fantasy 7 Remako mod is the best way to play the original game on PC

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ff7 reunion models

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