Hymer 4x4 usa

Hymer 4x4 usa

It is the result of a collaboration between two brands in which quality plays an important, if not the most important role. Despite weighing less than 3. A true adventurer who will always safely and comfortably get you to your destination.

hymer 4x4 usa

Thanks to the 2. Generous garages and efficient storage concepts provide space for all of your travel equipment. The cosy living area feels both airy and elegant and provides a welcoming atmosphere. The spacious kitchen area, extendable work surface and optimum use of space make the hearts of many gourmets beat faster. All fabric and leather variants we use in our vehicles come with above-average light and colour fastness to withstand high exposure to sunlight.

They are also coated with a stain protector and are thus extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean. The furniture units, with elegant wood finishes and modern laminate fronts, are made of high-quality materials. They give the interiors an attractive, cosy feel. The furniture is both easy-care and hardwearing. In our download area you can download our catalogs and price lists with all product information. Possible import duties are not included and will be charged separately.

The main advantages. Huge garage with a loading height of up to 1. Heated undercarriage The floor conceals the fresh water and waste water tanks in insulated trays which have hot air flowing through them. All installations lie within the heated living area, protected against frost. The numerous, optimally distributed hot air outlets guarantee perfect climate control throughout the whole motorhome.

For bulky luggage The huge rear garage easily accommodates several bikes side by side. It also provides optimal storage for scooters or heavy, bulky items of luggage — up to an impressive kilo laden weight. The garage features two large doors for easy access. Powerful rear-wheel drive Thanks to its powerful rear-wheel drive, the Sprinter displays smooth, superior handling in all traffic situations — and an extremely comfortable drive into the bargain.

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The excellent insulation of the closed-cell PU foam guarantees pleasant temperatures throughout the year and low gas consumption in winter. Level living area floor A level living area floor stretches from the cab through to the sleeping area. As a result, the headroom remains constant throughout the interior and there are no steps to trip over. Light, slender and manoeuvrable Thanks to the 2. Its unique distinguishing feature: the integrated multifunctional rear lights with LED hybrid technology and a signature design featuring the three bars of the HYMER logo.

Together with the optional fog lamps with cornering light they provide even better visibility. Optimally stowed away Generous garages and efficient storage concepts provide space for all of your travel equipment. The batteries are housed in an externally accessible compartment. This means you can adjust the LED flat-screen TV to the ideal viewing position in the living area and easily fold it away again afterwards.At Hymer's booth, the all-new Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 got out of the gates a little early, finding use as an off-road camper van concept.

Hymer gave us a feel for what the new generation of off-road adventure Sprinter will look like while also showing one of the first production camper vans built on the third-generation Sprinter. Mercedes debuted the all-new Sprinter van back in February.

hymer 4x4 usa

After inking a deal for thousands of vans several weeks later, it announced Hymer as a top new Sprinter customer. In fact, Hymer worked together with Mercedes on the development of the new Sprinter, particularly the newly added tractor head variant that sweeps the powertrain and other large components in front of the B-pillar, giving motorhome manufacturers more freedom on the back of the chassis for developing camper bodies.

Not long after signing that deal, Hymer took delivery of some of the first new Sprinter vans to roll off Mercedes lines. It wasn't a pie-in-the-sky concept car or overdressed SEMA van, and actually looked quite straightforward and production-ready — it even wore a price sheet. The show van simply featured the Sprinter driver-activated AWD system that will be offered optionally in the future, along with the added bite of all-terrain tires.

Honestly, we like that Hymer didn't go too crazy, but it wouldn't have hurt to throw on a bull bar or kayak-loaded roof rack. But we guess it wanted to show something representative of the Grand Canyon S 4x4 models that will be rolling out to dealerships beginning in Summer The AWD option won't affect the Grand Canyon S' interior layout or trim, which will look the same as the rear-wheel drives that are on sale now. The Moving forward from that bed, you'll find a central wet bath compartment with folding sink, shower and bench toilet; a kitchen area with dual-burner stove, sink and mid-height L compressor refrigerator; and a dining area with expandable table between a dual-seat bench and swivel driver cab seats.

An optional pop-up roof offers sleeping space for two more people, bringing total sleeping capacity up to four. The Grand Canyon S may not be available as an all-wheel adventure van just yet, but it does have some features that are sure to be appreciated by both RWD and AWD owners. The elevated rear bed includes a fold-away mid-section that opens up a central aisle for storing bikes, boards and other oversized gear.

Another handy feature for the adventure set is the bathroom shower that extends out the window and mounts to the side of the van, working as an outdoor shower - perfect for weary, trail-spattered weekend warriors, throughly used, dirtied gear, and muddied, exhausted canines. The driver and front passenger will notice the upgrade immediately upon stepping into the cab, where the optional MBUX infotainment system with voice control brightens things up with its On the road, car-derived driver-assistance technologies move new-Sprinter motorhomes ever closer to the dream of the camper van that drives itself while you relax and enjoy the views.

Distronic radar-based distance control, active brake assist, and parking package with degree camera are among the systems that can help the driver maneuver the commercial-size vehicle.

Crosswind assist is another technology that's sure to be appreciated at the wheel of the broadsided van. A Ah lithium Smart Battery upgrade is available optionally. Source: Hymer. LOG IN. Menu HOME. Search Query Submit Search. Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn. Hymer has given its off-road show Sprinter a black-out look and rugged all-terrain tires.

View 31 Images.Now it's bringing some of its RV magic over to the American market. Soon, some of the gorgeous RVs Americans have admired from across the Atlantic will be on their way to American highways and campgrounds.

Unfortunately, the answer is usually "No. If a North American Hymer sounds familiar, it's because it already happened. The fast, furious camper van expansion that followed included models like the Hymer Aktiv and Carado Axion and seemed almost too good to be true in a market that decidedly prefers trailers and larger motorhomes.

As it turned out, it was. Financial improprieties at Hymer North America uncovered during Thor Industries' acquisition of Erwin Hymer Group led to the North American branch being severed from the corporation last year. And like that, the fast-growing market of European-inspired American camper vans disappeared as quickly as it had emerged.

Take two. After completing its acquisition of Erwin Hymer sans Hymer North America last February, Thor Industries, now the largest RV manufacturer in the world, has been busy working to integrate its American and European operations. Hymer USA becomes a cornerstone of that work. It will also relocate select employees from Germany to help implement European manufacturing processes, automation and control standards, a process it calls a first in the North American RV industry.

So what products is Hymer bringing over the Atlantic? Thor's January 30 announcement says only "European-designed RVs," so we reached out to try to pry away something, anything, more specific but were told that the company is not ready to release any product plans or long-term strategy details just yet. At the time, Martin hinted that Thor was interested in tapping into Hymer's expertise in camper vans and multifunctional urban vehicles. These new participants are often returning to the roots of campervanning and prefer a lifestyle that involves less effort while offering more adventure and experiential quality.

Camper vans can be found throughout Erwin Hymer's portfolio, from the newest badges like Crosscamp and Globevan Dethleffs to established brands like Hymer and Sunlight.

And since Thor already has a very strong presence in the travel trailer and large motorhome segments, camper vans seem to be the missing piece of the puzzle that Hymer could easily fill. Martin has acknowledged that some Erwin Hymer products are based on chassis not available in the US, stressing that those built on available chassis like the Mercedes Sprinter and Fiat Ducato Ram Promaster could be rolled out in the US more quickly.

The versatile camper vans of the Hymer Free series seem like a nice place to start. We'll get more official information soon enough, as the first Hymer USA products are planned for launch later this year.

hymer 4x4 usa

In the meantime, we've filled the gallery with some of the Hymer group European camper vans and caravans we'd most like to see make the trip over to the US. Source: Thor IndustriesErwin Hymer. LOG IN. Menu HOME. Search Query Submit Search.

Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn. View 29 Images. Launched inHymer's DuoCar S has tinted windows, simple colors, and minimal exterior ports and flaps. Hymer's Vision Venture concept was probably the most talked-about camper van of A favorite feature of the Hymer VisionVenture: a staircase leads to the pop-up roof, rather than a simple ladder.

The light in the Hymer VisionVenture's pop-up roof teams with the white inflatable sides to create a soft, ambient glow. Now in its third generation, the Sprinter brings a fresh new face and a tech-loaded platform to the Hymer Free series. Hymer has given its off-road show Sprinter a black-out look and rugged all-terrain tires.Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. Love getting stuck into the great outdoors? Read our Hymer ML-T 4x4 review to see if this rugged yet stylish two-berth motorhome is the one for you.

But it does provide comfortable living space for two people who enjoy getting active in the great outdoors — the garage can even swallow skis.

And to see other Hymer motorhomes for sale, click here. Four-wheel drive and enhanced ground clearance give it go-anywhere versatility Storage is plentiful. This also means that it is relatively tall, so the drag from passing high vehicles is quite noticeable.

As the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base vehicle is rear-wheel drive, a rocker switch on the dashboard is used to engage front-wheel drive, in the ratio ofwhen required. The two gas bottles are located in a dedicated cupboard in the vast rear garage.

Also in the garage is the switch to empty the grey water, and a shower attachment for washing off muddy boots. As the water- and electric-connection points are on the UK offside, and the toilet cassette hatch is on the nearside, the services are not re-handed for the UK market. Opposite the habitation door — which has a long handle to help you haul yourself in, or quickly close the door against the elements — is the side dinette.

The tabletop slides in to help snackers and diners get in and out easily. Both of the cab seats have swivelling bases but require a bit of manoeuvring — moving the seats forward and back, and the arms up and down — to get them to do so. Each chair has a reading light that swivels out from a shelf above the cab, and there are audio speakers here, too.

Above the dinette bench is a tamboured hatch that will take a flatscreen TV, and the connections for it are housed in the locker above the window. To the left of the habitation door as you enter is the kitchen. Instead, cooking has to take place on a three-burner gas hob, which sits in a stainless-steel unit along with the oblong sink.

A tall, slimline fridge will house perishables and cold drinks.As the inventor of the motorhome, HYMER has been synonymous with premium-quality leisure vehicles since And for good reason.

We are passionate about what we do and continually work on ensuring our customers enjoy the trips of their lives. There are many motorhomes. Experience iconic design, uncompromising top technology and unique comfort now also available as a semi-integrated model. It also comes with the latest equipment highlights in the field of multimedia. The edition model has a vehicle length of just 5.

The elegant and functional kitchen and bedroom will make you feel completely at home. All of this can be enjoyed by up to four passengers in a vehicle based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that weighs under 3. With an equipment package that leaves nothing to be desired where driving and interior comfort are concerned, and a stylish interior design featuring the Sauvignon Oak finish.

Whether you use it as a camper van, a mobile office or for the weekly shop: The HYMER Free Campus makes every trip more relaxed and stylish than ever before.

hymer 4x4 usa

For the first time in the history of the renowned Automotive Brand Contest, a concept motorhome has been awarded the highest accolade. Call to Action. From small, compact vehicles through to luxurious premium models, HYMER has the perfect motorhome to suit you. Whether you choose a camper van, semi-integrated or integrated motorhome, we put your dreams on the road. Because essentially, our business is producing unforgettable holiday experiences.

Hymer USA to build and sell European-designed campers in the US

Discover our travel stories. Our travel experts have travelled the world in various HYMER models and brought breathtaking impressions back with them. Let yourself be inspired by their entertaining travel stories and spectacular pictures. Our special edition models. Our motorhomes and camper vans.

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Hymer ML T 580 4X4 Offroad Camper RV 2019 all new Mercedes Sprinter walkaround and interior K72

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